The Lawyers at Pragma Advocats boast vast experience in negotiations and contracting on an international level. Perfect level of English


Pragma Advocats has got a strong international capability. We offer legal services to foreign private individuals, or when there is a conflict between non Spanish spouses living in Spain.

Law prohibits a parent from removing a child from his/her country or retaining a child in another country with intent to obstruct another parent´s custodial rights.  This is known as international parental abduction.

We Can Help You:

  • Prevent a threatened child abduction.
  • Advise as to when a parent may take a child to another country.
  • Institute Hague Convention proceedings to AVOID a child taking back when he/she is in Spain
  • Defend against improperly-brought Hague Convention cases.
  • Take urgent action to get a child back from a country that is not a party of the Hague Convention.